We offer services to help individuals find a job that fits their skills and needs. The Employment Center is a place where you can:

• Get one-on-one help with your job search.
• Get face-to-face help in improving your job search skills and written materials.
• Join an online support group for people looking for a job at LDSjobs.org.

Employment Skills

The Job Search Skills are made up of coaches in 5 areas:

• Using LDSJobs.org
• Networking
• Presenting yourself
• Interviewing
• Resume and written materials

You will begin by getting help putting your job profile on jobs.lds.org. Then we recommend attending all five classes in the rotating schedule. There is valuable information from each coach that could help you in your job search!

Green Valley Location

Employment Assistance
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Personal Finance Class
7:00pm – 8:30pm

West Side Location


Personal  Finance Workshop

Management of our personal finances is very closely related to our employment. All individuals and families, of all income levels, need personal financial management skills. How you manage your personal finances can affect your relationships, your spiritual resilience, your ability to serve, and your ability to meet your basic needs. Many people struggle to manage their money, simply because they’ve never been taught the skills to manage money successfully.

Our personal finance workshops are 6 weeks long, with a beginner and an advanced class. Most of the work takes place in small groups that combine spiritual principles with practical skills. Workshop members pair off during the workshop to set goals and hold each other accountable between sessions. Private things are kept private, but it’s a safe environment to learn about managing your income and spending, reducing your debt, create a budget that works for you, and much more. Learn the skills to manage your money so that it doesn’t manage you.